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Check out these resources available to you.
Christian Reformed Church

Denominational site with links to congregations, beliefs, resources and agencies

Think Christian

It’s a digital magazine that discuses faith, culture and what it means to be a Christian in today’s society.

Under the Radar

It’s a radio program that offers gourmet music highlighting the best undiscovered and under-appreciated tunes from Christian artists.


It’s a ministry that uniquely serves people whose first language is not English. This program examines a variety of topics from a Christian perspective.

World Renew

A relief and development organization of the Christian Reformed Church. It responds on your behalf to the needs of people around the world who are suffering from poverty, hunger, disaster, etc.

Walk the Way

This program challenges, encourages and equips Christians to put their faith into action every day. Start the conversation about why faith still matters.

Ground Work

It’s a pastor co-host radio program that turns the soil of Scripture to cultivate growth in faith.

Family Fire

It’s a ministry expressed through an online community that discuss God’s design for marriage and parenting.

World Missions

An organization that engages in world missions; healing a broken worls for God with you and among the naitons.

Kids Corner

It’s an audio program that uses music and drama to ignite interest in the Bible and to disciple children as life-long followers of Jesus.


It’s a daily devotional that helps God’s people refresh, refocus and renew their faith. It is published bimonthly.

Church Juice

It is an organization that helps to energize church communications by working with churches on everything from marketing to website strategies.

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