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About us


First Christian Reformed Church is a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. This denomination numbers about 1000 churches with a variety of ethnic groups in Canada and the United States. Reformed churches, like the Presbyterian churches, trace their roots to the Reformation of 1517. They all follow the teachings of John Calvin. The Christian Reformed Church emerged in 1857 from a split with the Reformed Church of America (started in New York in 1628).


While the Brandon congregation was started by Dutch immigrants who came in the years following WWII, it currently is indigenous of the population of Brandon with almost half of its membership having ethnic backgrounds other than Dutch.


As you look around, you will notice the communion table directly before the pulpit and the baptismal font beside it. This is an important Reformed emphasis which places the Word (the pulpit) and the sacraments as equal; God’s grace comes to us through both. Hence, both are placed before the congregation.


The Christian Reformed Church has a vast range of worship expressions, ranging from liturgical, traditional Reformed and contemporary. This congregation blends traditional hymn singing with contemporary worship.  We strive to be an intergenerational community where everyone feels welcome and has a place. Visitors are expected and welcome to join us for worship or other activities.

Our Mission is to foster Christian growth, develop our spiritual gifts, and engage our local and global community through acts of love, mercy, and justice all for the glory of God.
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